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Specialist expertise for complex environmental issues

IfAÖ - Institute for Applied Ecosystem Research has 90 employees from various disciplines such as biologists, geographers, geologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists and engineers.

Additionally, the company relies on an international network, established over many years, of experts, consultants and research institutions to collaborate as needed and to address interdisciplinary, complex ecological questions.

Our Employees hold special qualifications, including:

  • Specialists for occupational safety
  • Research divers
  • HUET - Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
  • BOSIET - Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training
  • GWO - Working at Heights
  • PPE Safety Training
  • First Responder Basic Offshore
  • Expert in acc. with explosives legislation for pilots of water sports vessels

IfAÖ is a multifaceted employer in New Broderstorf, Rostock and Hamburg, Germany. In addition to permanently employed associates, the team also includes student assistants and interns. The company also regularly mentors bachelor and master students to assist them with their studies and theses.

Please visit the employment section for current vacancies.