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Support for young researchers in Rostock

IfAÖ is fulfilling its social responsibilities and supports young scientists in Rostock. For the environmental education competition "Schüler stAUNen…", IfAÖ is donating one of the main prizes. Since the start of the competition in 1994, schools are invited each year to submit scientific, technical or artistic contributions in the fields of environmental science and sustainable development in and around Rostock.

"Schüler StAUNen …"

In the past, IfAÖ has supported two students, who are engaged with finding technical solutions for noise reduction during the construction of offshore wind turbines - an issue that is highly topical due to the threat of construction noiseto porposes.

Furthermore, IfAÖ is taking part in a "Research Fair" sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The institute delivers presentations and leads discussions around recent IfAÖ projects  for selected schools in the region. The institute wants to inspire students about the work of engineers or scientists in the marine sector.

Forschungsbörse des BMBF