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Research and evaluation of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems since 1993

For more than 20 years the IfAÖ - Institute for Applied Ecosystem Research (IfAÖ) has been researching and evaluating terrestrial and aquatic habitats and ecosystems. The focus areas of this private research facility established in 1993 include the description of natural ecosystems as well as the assessment, evaluation and documentation of changes caused both naturally and by human activities. IfAÖ provides research and consulting for commercial clients as well as state and federal authorities, utilizing the broad expertise of more than 90 employees, extensive technical equipment and in-house laboratories.

The services of IfAÖ:
Benthology | Ichthyology | Marine Mammals | Ornithology | Marine Environmental Planning
Enviromental Toxicology | Sampling Management | Ecodata Management

Since 2010, IfAÖ has been a member of the GICON Group, a merging of internationally-active independent engineering and consulting companies headquartered in Dresden, Germany. GICON bundles the competencies of IfAÖ and other companies of the group in order to offer comprehensive engineering services from a single source.



IfAÖ supports up and coming scientists at "Schüler StAUNen"

Isabel, 15 years old and student at the Reutershagen High School in Rostock leans over her...

IfAÖ puts new workboat into operation

The Institut für Angewandte Ökosystemforschung GmbH (IfAÖ) has put a new workboat into operation...

GICON- und IfAÖ-Niederlassung Hamburg zieht um

Ab sofort unter neuer Adresse erreichbar

Die Aliens in unseren Meeren

Wie die Experten des IfAÖ jedes Jahr neue Lebensarten (Neozoen) in Nord- und Ostsee entdecken

Neue Ausgabe der GICONcret online

GICON-Firmenzeitung 2018 / I ab sofort abrufbar

Frank Wolf - Neuer Geschäftsbereichsleiter Ökosysteme

Frank Wolf (Foto) ist neben Werner Piper seit Herbst 2017 neuer Leiter des Geschäftsbereiches...

Neue Ausgabe der GICONcret online

GICON-Firmenzeitung III / 2017 ab sofort abrufbar

TK Health Day at IfAÖ

Employees of IfAÖ - Institute for Applied Ecosystem Research GmbH are informed about preventive...