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IfAÖ in charge of the public construction supervision at Ostwind 2

IfAÖ takes on the ecological construction monitoring for the Ostwind 2 offshore wind transmission project

Starting in January 2020, IfAÖ Institute for Applied Ecology GmbH, a company of the GICON®-Group, has taken on the ecological construction monitoring for the Ostwind 2 transmission project. The client is 50Hertz. Part of Ostwind 2 project is the installation of three grid connection systems for the interconnection of two offshore wind farms. IfAÖ is in charge of familiarizing the participating supply chain companies regarding the avoidance and mitigation measures as defined in the official planning permit, and to document the compliance with these measures and tasks.

Marcel Hartmann, head of the Ichthyology department and project manager at IfAÖ, knows the ecological importance of the seabed areas to be traversed by the installation: ‘For example, the Greifswalder Bodden area is one of the main herring spawning grounds in the spring. Here we have to make sure that the construction timeframe limits are observed accordingly. We assess and document the sediment rate during the preparatory construction measures and cable installation work’.

IfAÖ’s tasks for the Ostwind 2 project:

  • Advice to all parties involved (construction companies, etc.) regarding the implementation of / compliance with avoidance and mitigation measures
  • Supervision of respective construction measures (pre-cable laying procedures, cable trench excavation, cable laying, backfilling of cable trenches and seabed restoration) within the scope of the installation work ‘Offshore’ in the area of the coastal sea zone and the EEZ
  • Daily monitoring of respective work steps in the coastal sea zone across a section of approx. 50 km, as work is being carried out in various (national and European) protected areas in the "Greifswalder Bodden" protected area backdrop
  • Documentation of the work carried out in form of daily protocols and photos
  • 14-day summary reports/protocols to the authorities in compliance with the documentation requirements
  • Final report at the end of the project to the authorities in compliance with documentation requirements 

As an environmental institute and service provider, IfAÖ has been a resource for the implementation of environmentally relevant tasks for more than 25 years, including for complex projects such as Ostwind 2. In addition to the Ichthyology Department, which is responsible for project coordination and management, experts from the IfAÖ departments for Benthic Organisms and Habitats, Ornithology, Marine Mammals and Environmental Planning are also involved in the project. 

The project scope is adhered to even during the Corona crisis

Due to the current situation and requirements related to COVID-19, IfAÖ‘s way of working also has to be adjusted. Project manager Marcel Hartmann explains: ‘Because of the current health situation, it has become more difficult for us, as for all other parties, to be able to work together on vessels. We have found solutions so that the project coordination can be implemented within the current legal requirements and within the agreed period. We can guarantee that. It is important that all parties work together in a cooperative manner, which so far has been achieved well at all levels. ‘

Background on Ostwind 2

Ostwind 2 is the project to connect the Baltic Sea wind farm Arcadis Ost 1 and Baltic Eagle to the German high voltage grid. Arcadis Ost 1, a wind farm owned by the Belgian developer Parkwind, is located in the Cluster Western Arkona Sea. Baltic Eagle, a project of Spanish utility Iberdrola, is located in the Arkona cluster. The two wind farms are expected to have a combined capacity of around 725 megawatts (MW). 50Hertz is planning to build three submarine cable transmission systems for the output. These cables at 220 kV AC voltage level can transmit a maximum output from 750 MW capacity. The connection to the German high voltage transmission grid will be made at an interconnection point at the Lubmin substation (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).


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