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TK Health Day at IfAÖ

Employees of IfAÖ - Institute for Applied Ecosystem Research GmbH are informed about preventive health care at the Neu Broderstorf office

More and more companies are placing great importance on keeping their employees healthy and productive at the workplace," says Michael Pagel from the Techniker Health Insurance Company during his visit to IfAÖ in Neu Broderstorf. On 11 October, he and two other colleagues put together a small program for employees for the IfAÖ "Health Day". At the stands, it was possible to measure, among other things, tension in the neck area as well as the mobility and extensibility of the joints and ligaments. There was also information on the various aspects of a healthy workplace, such as healthy nutrition.

Those who stay healthy can achieve more

IfAÖ, like the entire GICON group of companies, has long recognized that it can support the efficiency and motivation of its employees by providing targeted health promotion. “As a medium-sized company, it is important to us that we provide our colleagues targeted incentives to live healthily through action days such as Health Day. On the one hand, we do something good for ourselves privately and on the other hand, health is also a key factor in enabling us to work successfully," says IfAÖ Managing Director Werner Piper. One of IfAÖ's measures is, for example, to regularly present its employees with a comprehensive range of massages, which has been very well received. A glance at the statistics also shows how important it is to promote targeted health at the workplace. According to the German Ministry of Health, up to 50 million people across the EU have suffered depression or exhaustion in recent years. According to the ministry, “Approximately ten percent of absenteeism is due to mental illness".

Prevention in the company pays off

The Health Day is interesting for me," says Dr. Florian Peine, as he gets up from a couch. The scientist from the IfAÖ Dept. of Sampling Management had the stretchability of the bands in his legs checked at Barbara Klätsch's stand. The scientist had to pull his stretched legs to the upper part of the body while lying down. A small transmitter placed on the leg was used to directly analyze the movement patterns by a computer program. “I have once again learned that the ligaments in my right leg are shortened and the check has left me strongly encouraged to finally begin with yoga," said Dr. Peine after his evaluation interview.

Even little things help in the daily work routine

“My left shoulder is already too tense during sleep and I have to counteract this,” summarizes Sandra Esch from the Dept. of Controlling her evaluation of the "muscle tone measurement". Five electrodes glued to the neck allow the degree of tension in the body to be measured by means of targeted tension and relaxation. “The health day was really very interesting and the final lecture on nutrition showed once again that the topic of health lies in our own hands. It is not enough to actively promote one's health at home, but this must also be done in the workplace.” Sandra Esch and her colleagues reacted promptly and hung up a fold-out poster in their office with 10 quick exercises for a healthy back.

Electrodes are attached to Sandra Esch, employee in the Dept. of Controlling

Evaluation of the muscle tone measurement

Dr. Florian Peine has the stretchability of his ligaments tested

The following check on the display together with the expert provides in clear result