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Environmental Planning

Projects such as onshore and offshore wind parks, line projects such as cables, pipelines and infrastructure, port planning and dredging or the extraction of raw materials in the marine environment are often subject to extensive permitting. IfAÖ offers the necessary environmental planning services for these permit processes.

In close coordination with the project developers and the respective authorities, IfAÖ accompanies the permitting process from the initial planning stages through the scoping process to creation of environmental assessment reports as well as the subsequent hearings, detailed action planning and ecological construction supervision. The Institute's experts create all relevant environmental permit documents and specialized expert opinions.

Environmental reports and permitting process support

  • Preparation of all permitting process-relevant environmental documents such as case-by-case assessment, UVS (environmental impact assessment), LBP (landscape conservation plan), LAP (landscape management implementation planning), FFH-VVU (FFH preliminary investigation), FFH VU ( FFH investigation), AFB Specialist Report relating to Species Conservation, BRP Habitat Protection Report, environmental expert statments and change requests
  • FFH management planning
  • Technical contributions to the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
  • Final reports (for example, monitoring)
  • Other studies and papers on environmental protection and conservation
  • Support during the planning approval process
  • Preparation and execution of hearings
  • Moderation at high-profile public meetings
  • Management of objections and responses to major industrial projects
  • Consulting

Mapping and specialized expert opinions

  • Species conservation and species support, species protection concepts
  • Area use analysis for large bird species such as spotted eagle, black stork and red kite
  • Habitat management and habitat restoration, mainly in connection with ponds, hedges and tree rows
  • Revitalization of wetlands with addition of grass cuttings
  • Expert opinion on environmental liability in accordance with the Environmental Damage Act (USchadG)
  • Expert opinions on biodiversity, concept to increase biodiversity and restoration of biodiversity damage
  • Field observations of species and habitat population inventory for:

    • bats
    • birds
    • amphibians
    • reptiles
    • dragonflies
    • grasshoppers
    • ground beetles
    • land snails
    • vascular plants
    • biotope types
    • FFH habitat types
    • vegetation

  • wind turbine nacelle monitoring for bats

Ecological construction support, construction supervision

  • Ecological construction support (ÖBB) in the offshore sector in the North and Baltic Seas as well as for work performed in marine protected areas
  • Onshore ÖBB
  • Supervision of measures to offset or safeguard

    • CEF measures
    • Creation of alternative habitats for amphibians, reptiles, birds and bats, including installation of catch and guide devices

  • Enforcement of nature conservation ancillary provisions of the permit advisory
  • Resettlement of protected species affected by construction projects, new and reintroduction of species in compensation areas
  • Planting and care of compensation land pools, eco-accounts, marine reef design
  • Long-term performance review of conservation measures