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Marine mammals

During the construction of offshore wind farms, bridges, pipelines or cables, man intrudes on the habitat of marine mammals such as porpoises, harbor seals and gray seals. This may have an impact on their behavior and occurrence.

IfAÖ specializes in environmental impact studies, ecological investigations and construction-phase monitoring of international offshore projects. Modern and, in some cases, self-developed methods for detection and evaluation are employed.

Monitoring of marine mammals

  • Airborne transect surveys of marine mammals with observers
  • Detection based on georeferenced digital images created by the IfAÖ-developed DAISI (Digital Aerial Imaging System by IfAÖ)
  • Ship-based surveys of marine mammals
  • Passive acoustic monitoring of toothed whales with C-PODs (click detectors - Cetacean and Porpoise Detector)


Construction-phase monitoring during offshore projects

  • Efficiency inspection of deterrent measures
  • Studies of the effects of installing foundations for offshore structures


If requested, we will provide you with an overview of our research activities in this field.