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Maintainance of ROV
Sampling by seine

Sampling management

Our sampling management team principally handles organizational and administrative preparation as well as personnel assignments and technical equipment for the field activities (sampling and observations). The collected samples and data are provided to the respective departments for further analysis or stored for later processing.

The department’s tasks include the maintenance of the sampling and observation equipment and the instrument and sample storage facility.

Procurement, operation and maintenance of the technical equipment are largely handled by the Department of Sampling Management in order to always ensure safety compliance and experience with the equipment.

In addition to these tasks, the areas of occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection during biological surveys are processed by a dedicated HSE Manager (Health, Safety and Environment) in the department.

Our services:

Field activity planning

  • Planning of all vessel-based excursions (benthos, ichthyology, ornithology, marine mammals, diver work)
  • Demand based, timely procurement of vessels
  • Obtaining of all necessary permits from authorities and agencies necessary to conduct biological studies
  • Planning of technical sampling requirements, including vehicles and boats
  • Planning personnel requirements for field activities
  • Technical and personnel support for photo-flights (DAISI)
  • Support for limnic and terrestrial studies

HSE Management

  • Close cooperation with all partners on the basis of client’s HSE documents and in-house documents from AGUM (occupational, health and environmental management system)
  • Maintenance of in-house AGUM-relevant occupational safety and environmental protection documentation
  • Implementing of relevant occupational safety and health documents for biological surveys
  • Creation and support of the necessary risk assessments, especially for all field activities
  • Application for individual surveys
  • Emergency technical assistance and support for individual boat excursions
  • PSA acquisition and control


  • Maintenance of all technical equipment for use during sampling and observations, including regular functional tests
  • Supervision of third party contracts for major repairs
  • Maintenance of vehicle fleet and building services