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The use of advanced technology is a requirement for the processing of complex ecological questions at a high level of sophistication in order to meet client requirements.
In addition to the modern building, the IfAÖ owns a comprehensive assortment of technical equipment. The following equipment list is grouped by predominant application:

Equipment for sediment and benthic analyses:

  • Underwater videographic system, including GPS and sonar (Kordian, Mariscope, MBT)
  • Remote-controlled underwater videographic system
  • van Veen grab
  • Ekman-Birge grab
  • Günther-corer with weights
  • Manually-operated Günther-corer
  • Sample boxes
  • Sieves in different screen sizes
  • Water samplers
  • Instruments for determining oxygen concentration, salinity, temperature, pH
  • Dive sampling equipment (according to DIN EN 250) including underwater camera
  • Underwater scratch sampling equipment
  • Underwater photo equipment for scientific divers


Equipment for sampling conducted by the Departments of Ichthyology and Environmental Toxicology:

  • Beam trawl
  • Dredges
  • Nets for trawling, gill net fishing, pot fishery and train seine fishery
  • Scale
  • Measuring boards


Equipment for conducting ornithological studies:

  • Visual Automatic Recording System (VARS) for automatic recording of flying birds during day and at night
  • Fixed-beam radar with fixed parabolic antenna for exact quantification of the migration ratios and qualitative assessment of bird echoes
  • Ship radar
  • DAISI (airborne photographic documentation)
  • Additional optical monitoring systems


Vehicle fleet:

  • 3 vans and 1 trailer for transport of equipment
  • 2 boats with outboard (combustion & E-motor) incl. boat trailer
  • 3 cars to carry passengers or tow a trailer