ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

ROVs are cable-supported underwater vehicles. The PREDATOR belongs to the class of inspection ROVs. With a weight of approx. 70 kg (on air) it can also be used by smaller vessels without any problems.

The PREDATOR is designed for work up to 300 m water depth. Standard equipment includes a sonar (locating of objects by means of sound pulses) with a range of up to 100 m and two cameras:

  • The wide-angle camera provides an overview and is used for orientation.
  • The zoom camera is on a steerable tilt unit and allows close-up views of objects.

Two lasers are mounted on the tilt unit parallel to the camera to measure size ratios. The PREDATOR is thus equipped for a wide range of tasks. The video data from the two cameras are stored separately and transferred to a documentation software in real time. In this way, the video data is linked online with the observed events. This simplifies the evaluation and archiving of the video material. The primary area of application of PREDATOR is in the German North Sea and Baltic Sea, but it can be used in any other body of water (natural, anthropogenic, fresh, salt or brackish water).

Areas and scopes of application

  • investigations of underwater structures
  • cable inspection
  • interior / exterior pipeline investigations
  • scour protection investigations
  • location and recovery of objects


The modular design of the PREDATOR allows the instrument configuration to be extended according to the task at hand. For example, it can be equipped with a manipulator (gripper arm) to recover samples or objects from the seabed. An inter-water navigation system (USBL system) can be used in conjunction with a high-precision satellite positioning system (DGPS) to determine the exact position of the ROV underwater.


The PREDATOR is operated by three people. The ROV team consists of two ROV pilots and one scientist. The operation of the sophisticated technology requires extensive knowledge and training.

Technical Data

Operating depth up to 300 m
Cable length (13 mm diameter, salt water neutral (35 PSU))
Weight 70 kg (in air)
Dimensions: L/W/H 900/620/450 mm
Motors 5 (4 horizontal, 1 vertical)
Speeds > 3 kn (5,5 km/h)
Light 4 LED-lamps (1600 lumen each)
Kameras Cameras 1 wide angle color camera with fixed focus
1 HD zoom color camera
Cameras are mounted on a tilt unit
Laser 2 parallel installed lasers, distance 6 cm
Sonar Sonar Blue View sonar with 100 m range
Operating voltage Input: 230 V AC
Documentation software  
Helmsman display  



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