Since the beginning of the company's history, IfAÖ has been an expert in the recording of migratory, resting and breeding birds.
We carry out ornithological surveys for the risk assessment of construction projects and advise on questions in the context of planning of various kinds.
Another field of activity comprises research projects on a variety of applied topics. A particular focus is on the development and application of innovative techniques for the registration of birds, including in the vicinity of wind turbines.
The ornithologists of the IfAÖ are familiar with the recording and assessment of bird habitats both offshore and in coastal areas of the North- and Baltic Sea as well as on land and on inland waters.

Key services

  • Migratory and resting bird surveys at sea according to current survey standards
  • Aerial survey of birds using the digital flight system DAISI»
  • Automated registration of flying birds infrared camera system VARS »
  • Radar ornithology
  • Mapping in terrestrial and limnic areas
  • Standardized bird strike monitoring at wind turbines
  • Data analysis
  • GIS-based analysis and cartography
  • Nature conservation expertises and research reports
  • Thematic support of planning procedures


Martin Laczny
Head of Department

T +49 40 4321390 11