Terrestrial ecology

The Terrestrial Ecology Department offers comprehensive services in species and biotope mapping as well as species protection and nature conservation planning. On the basis of the surveys of all species relevant to planning, we prepare specialist species protection reports or develop species assistance concepts, with one of our focal points being bat surveys. Should the survey reveal conflicts under species protection law, our services also include the planning and implementation of species protection measures, the relocation of animals and plants and the monitoring of the corresponding measures.

Key services

Species protection
  • Recording of all species groups relevant under species protection law
  • Specialist species protection contributions, special species protection law assessment
  • Planning and implementation of species protection measures and translocations
  • Monitoring
Bat science
  • Stationary and mobile detection by means of ultrasonic detectors
  • Permanent acoustic monitoring on land and at sea (especially in connection with wind energy planning)
  • Collision victim search
  • Quarters control
Recording of groups relevant to planning
  • Bats
  • Amphibians and reptiles
  • Dragonflies
  • Locusts
  • Selected beetles and Hymenoptera
  • Land snails
  • Otter and beaver
  • Flora and vegetation
  • Biotopes and FFH habitat types


Tobias Strahl

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