About us

The IfAÖ Institut für Angewandte Ökosystemforschung GmbH was founded in 1993. For more than 25 years, the IfAÖ has been investigating and evaluating the habitats of plants and animals on land and at sea. The private-sector research institution works and advises on behalf of companies as well as state and federal authorities. In doing so, the institute has at its disposal the broad expertise of more than 80 employees, extensive technical equipment and laboratories distributed over several locations throughout Germany.

IfAÖ is part of the GICON® Group, a group of independent engineering and consulting companies. The GICON® Group bundles the competences available at IfAÖ and other companies of the group to offer complex engineering services from one source. Within the group, more than 400 permanent employees work at locations in Germany and around the world.

House with flags of the company IfAÖ
IfAÖ site Neu Broderstorf
Social commitment

Taking responsibility

The IfAÖ is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility. It initiates and supports a vast number of long-term and project-related sponsorship projects. The focus is on our own local sponsoring projects, long-term cooperation in promoting young talent and commitment to the socially disadvantaged.

"Schüler StAUNen" in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

The IfAÖ, a company of the GICON® Group, supports the State Office for Agriculture and Environment Mittleres Mecklenburg (StALU MM) in their projekt "Schüler StAUNen" at the company headquarters Neu Broderstorf near Rostock. Within the framework of this school competition, groups of pupils work and develope their own research projects in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation.

Since 2019, the IfAÖ has taken over monitoring and supervision of three students who are studying "Neozoa in the Warnow" - these are non-native animal species, introduced by humans. They form stable populations in the area and thus could become part of the native fauna.


Furthermore, IfAÖ will organize lectures and discussions on current IfAÖ projects (ecological baseline studies on offshore wind farms, monitoring of the Nord Stream gas pipeline) in selected schools in the area. This is part of the "Research Exchange" of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to inspire students to work as engineers or scientists in the marine sector.


Quality Management

Certified quality management as the basis of our high-quality services

The IfAÖ Institute for Applied Ecosystem Research has a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Within the GICON® Group, the quality management system has been successively transferred to all other companies and all major sites. This process lays the foundation for the close cooperation between the individual companies and the high quality of services provided across the group.

The quality management system is based on a common company structure, the connection to the in-house project management system MSI and the uniform project controlling and accounting system. Furthermore, all companies are presented in a uniform corporate design.


Guidelines of our company

IfAÖ is part of the GICON® group of companies. As such, it represents the compliance guidelines of GICON®. How GICON® is perceived by the public depends to a large extent on each individual. By aligning our actions with high ethical and legal standards we create trust, prevent conflict situations, and protect the company's reputation.

The individual companies of the GICON® Group are convinced that social responsibility is an important factor for the long-term success of the company. It is both the result and the condition of value-oriented and sustainably profitable corporate management.

The following compliance guidelines are derived from the GICON® principles of the quality policy.

Applicable law

Our business processes follow all relevant applicable laws and regulations at a national and international level.

In our dealings with public authorities and institutions we always conduct ourselves honestly and transparently, while in accordance with applicable law.

Trust and respect

GICON® strives to create values for its customers and business partners who place their trust in our company and our services. Our company believes that cooperation and mutual business conduct must be characterized by respect, honesty, and fairness. We are committed to high standards of quality in the provision of our services and promote innovation as well as a working environment in which the value and dignity of each individual are recognized and in which business partners and employees treat each other with courtesy, honesty and dignity.

The company is committed to addressing all concerns and suggestions voiced by employeees. The Compliance Manager and all responsible persons are at the ready to provide guidance and support. There are confidential information channels within the company through which information can be voiced without concern or fear of reprisal.

Financial integrity

Our employees protect property and confidential information of the company and of our customers and business partners, while documenting business transactions in accordance with financial reporting rules.


Corruption harms the company, stifles innovation and is illegal.

All GICON® employees are committed in avoiding conflicts that could put their personal interests above those of the company. We do not allow ourselves to be influenced in our business decisions by gifts, invitations, or other personal benefits.

Business decisions must be based solely on performance. We therefore carefully select suppliers and service providers based on objective criteria.


GICON® acts in accordance with the applicable competition law. No agreements are made with competitors on prices, price increases, conditions or capacities with the aim of preventing, restricting or distorting competition.

Donations and sponsoring

As a matter of principle, GICON® does not make donations to political parties, individuals or to organizations whose goals and principles contradict a democratic legal system or the nature of corporate governance.

GICON® fulfills its social responsibility by making donations in cash and in kind for education and science, sports, art, and culture, as well as for social and humanitarian projects.

For all donations, the identity of the recipient and the intended use are known. The reason as well as the intended use of the donation are legally justifiable.